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BL370 Series

BL370 Series
Compact EMI/RFI Filter for Furnace, Motor drives & Large Machines Application
  • 3-Phase Dual stage , 480/520VAC , 7 TO 1200Ampere with Terminal & Bus Bar Connection.
  • The extremely compact and slim filter design allows a trouble-free installation.
  • BL370 filters ensure compliance with Class C1limits according to EN 61800-3 up to 50 m cable length and beyond. Further they can contribute significantly to meet conducted emission limits according to Class C2.
  • Filter operation on the mains input side of consumers increases their reliability and conducted immunity significant.
  • HVAC equipment, elevators, power supplies, UPS,Furnace and further three-phase applications.
  • Three-phase variable speed motor drives, servo drives, inverters and converters.
  • Applications comprising energy conversion devices like machines or process automation equipment.