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Welcome to BLA Etech, where innovation meets electrification. As India’s trusted,(reliable most advance manufacturing facility big manufacturing facility ) manufacturer, we offer advanced EMI/EMC filters, inductive components, transformers, and customized filter solutions.

At BLA Etech, we’re shaping an electrified future with a commitment to innovation and excellence to reduce undesired noise. We deliver top-quality EMI/EMC filters, inductive components, transformers, and custom filter solutions. With a swift 1-week lead time for samples and prototypes, a streamlined 3-4-week lead time for production units, being a government approved factory in special economic zone (trade free zone) this helps in substantial cost savings, we prioritize cost-effectiveness. we’re dedicated to your success in electromagnetic solutions of all type.

BLA Etech’s EV chargers are the driving force of sustainable mobility. With 1100+ successful installations and counting, our ARAI, ICAT, and CE-certified quality speaks. Supported by a solid 5+ years of on-site warranty and service, our EV chargers offer unwavering reliability. Our chargers are 100% compatible, certified and safe for most of the EV brands. Charge up confidently with BLA Etech.

Experience our efficiency

Rapid Prototypes:
1-Week Turnaround

Get quick prototypes with our 1-week sample lead time.

Fast Production:
3-4 Week Lead Time

Speed up your production with our 3-4 week lead time.

No Tariff Surcharge, 30% Savings

Enjoy cost savings with no tariff surcharges – up to 30% off.

Duty-Free Commitment for Success

We’re duty-free, committed to your success.