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BL2611 Series

Single-Stage General Performance AC/DC EMI FILTER
  • BL 2611 Single-stage filters are designed for easy and fast chassis mounting.
  • The BL 2611 filters are also available as B versions with no Y-capacitors for medical applications as well as A versions with low capacitance for safety critical applications with a requirement for low leakage currents.
  • The BL 2611 Filter can be use to cover broad range of uses and they can offer a good size/amperages ratio.
  • Various terminal options allow you to select the desired connection style Rated current from 1 to 10 Ampere.
  • High deferential mode performance.
  • Optional medical version (Type B).
  • Optional safety version (Type A).
  • Single stage filter with good attenuation Performance.
  • Highly Cost Effective.
 *Price Range starts From $2.20 only……