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What is RFI Filters? Types of Radio-Frequency Interference Filters

The RFI or the radio frequency interference is one kind of electric or electronic emission which is capable of preventing the electrical circuit performance. Such emissions can be both wanted and unwanted as well, and they can be generated via manmade and natural resources. It can be treated as the EMI, when being in Electromagnetic.

These are actually a kind of disturbance which affects any electrical circuit because of any kind of electromagnetic induction or electromagnetic radiation, discharged from some external source. The RFI is transmitted through 2 ways :-

  • Radiated RFI- produced directly from the equipment itself, into the outside environment. It is controlled by offering proper shielding of the equipment.
  • Conducted RFI- produced from the equipments via the power cord. This can affect the output of all the other devices on the same network. It is controlled by putting a power line filter to the system. It also counts for the better performance through less susceptibility of the equipment to noise.

The preventive measures to surpass the effect of the RMI or EFI, is the RFI Filter. RFI Filter is capable of suppressing the effect of RFI emissions on any power line, but not suppresses the same in the free space. RFI Filters can also be affixed with the other devices to reduce the level of EMI/RFI output within them.

One of the important points to check before adopting a RFI Filter is the frequency level. Some filters use to allow certain kind of the frequencies, means a fixed set of EMI/RFI emissions are allowed to pass through them.

The application areas of a complex EMI filter includes printers, data lines, USB hubs, computer motherboards, hard disk drives along with the AC adapters and electronic musical instruments.

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Three Phase, Dual Stage, Very High Performance, Inverter purpose (7to 2300 A)

Three Phase, Dual Stage, Very High Performance, Inverter purpose (7to 250 A)

Three Phase, Dual Stage, Very High Performance (4 to 50 A)

Three Phase, Single Stage, Good Performance, Motor Drive purpose (7 to 180 A)

Three Phase, Dual Stage, Good Performance, High Voltage purpose (7 to 180 A)

Three Phase, Single Stage, Very High Performance, Inverter Application (08 to 280 A)

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