Inductor chokes, Inductor Choke To Control AC, DC current Flow in Electronic Circuit
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What is Inductor Choke? What their use?

A Inductor choke can be defined as the inductor, which is used to block or choke higher frequency AC (alternating current), and thus allow DC (direct current) to flow in an electronic circuit. The name choke is not restricted for each case. It is used when an inductor is being applied for blocking or decoupling higher frequencies. In the other case, it is simply treated as the inductor, when it is used in the tuned circuits or the electronic filters.

Inductor chokes are used as a power supply filter element, because the current change in an inductor is not instantaneous, and they need to resist any change in the current flow. The inductors are actually considered as gapped iron core units, and look similar to the small transformer. With better filtering, it means that there will be less voltage drop, as compared to the large resistor, where there will automatically comes a point of high voltage drop.

The inductions that are specially designed to be used as the chokes are distinguished by the design. In them, the low loss construction or high Q factor is into available, which is needed in the filtering applications and tuned circuits.

The RF chokes are of the higher frequencies, with the iron powder or ferrite cores. For more frequency, some of the chokes often use low inductance and non magnetic cores. The latest one in use is ferrite beads. It is a cylindrical shaped core striped over a wire, which is usually seen in the computer cables. It is a reliable material to be used in the appliances.

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Three Phase, Dual Stage, Very High Performance, Inverter purpose (7to 2300 A)

Three Phase, Dual Stage, Very High Performance, Inverter purpose (7to 250 A)

Three Phase, Dual Stage, Very High Performance (4 to 50 A)

Three Phase, Single Stage, Good Performance, Motor Drive purpose (7 to 180 A)

Three Phase, Dual Stage, Good Performance, High Voltage purpose (7 to 180 A)

Three Phase, Single Stage, Very High Performance, Inverter Application (08 to 280 A)

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