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HEMP filters

HEMP filters are the great example of the advancement in the security purposes in the war zones. Known as high altitude electromagnetic pulse, these filters are used to safeguard the equipment and available systems from the adverse effects of nuclear blasts, which are becoming common in today’s time. Such kind of the blasts may hamper entire infrastructure nearby, or may also destroy the military communication network by damaging the electrical controls for a wide area around the place where blast occurred.

We, Bla Etech is a leading name in producing the wide range of customized filters including EMI, EMC and HEMP filters for delivering our clients with the best quality products. The products we deliver are of the desired specifications as needed by the customers and will be delivered on time, as meeting client satisfaction is our aim and our team of experts is highly dedicated in putting perfection.

The filters may be of any kind including power line, EMI or RFI have the basic use to control the emissions caused, like for controlling the electromagnetic emissions or disturbances, EMI is used, while for controlling the effects of the radio frequency emissions, RFI is used. Similarly for high quality electromagnetic pulses, the solution here is the hemp filter.

When talked technically, these blasts will produce the electromagnetic pulse, which will damage any electronic circuit, precisely one with the microchips, as these are more vulnerable to damage and be vanished in seconds. And this may produce the catastrophic results in blink of an eye. So for avoiding from such situation, these filters are used to control the effect of such drastic emissions or pulses.

With keeping such measures and precautions in mind, we offer a range of high class equipment with the features that they are of compact size and less weight, so HEMP Filter is very easy to implement them at the places of military, homeland security, public use or any commercial application. They can protect against nuclear weapons, solar flares or lightning strikes.

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Three Phase, Dual Stage, Very High Performance, Inverter purpose (7to 2300 A)

Three Phase, Dual Stage, Very High Performance, Inverter purpose (7to 250 A)

Three Phase, Dual Stage, Very High Performance (4 to 50 A)

Three Phase, Single Stage, Good Performance, Motor Drive purpose (7 to 180 A)

Three Phase, Dual Stage, Good Performance, High Voltage purpose (7 to 180 A)

Three Phase, Single Stage, Very High Performance, Inverter Application (08 to 280 A)

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