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BLA ETECH offers complete design and development capabilities for standard and custom EMI/EMC FILTER manufacturing solutions including design consultation, computer-aided design (CAD), fabrication and prototyping. This allows us to provide our customers with high quality, in-time and within cost services for enhanced time-to-market. The company also promotes the highest precision and accuracy, both in our own designs and in on our customers' designs concepts.

Our design and development services include:

  • Design and layout
  • Mechanical and Electrical Design
  • Conceptual design
  • CAD design systems
  • Design consultation
  • Component Engineering
  • Quick-turn prototyping
  • Conversion assistance to SMT
  • Solutions for customer fabricated parts
  • Cost reduction analysis
  • Design for Testability
  • Design for Manufacturability


Improve Quality

In today's time when technology is constantly evolving, you may find that your competitors are ahead of the race by adapting quickly to the emerging product lifecycle. By outsourcing your manufacturing requirements, you can focus on innovation and partner with a manufacturing company that can turn your ideas into reality.

BLA ETECH has an excellent combination of skills, resources, expertise and manufacturing for standard and custom EMI/EMC manufacturing solutions. Our Quality Assurance process ensures less damage, less rework, improved response time to inquiries, and greater inventory accuracy.


We have processes in place to ensure a high level of collaboration, information visibility, and communication with our suppliers to ensure our entire extended supply chain works seamlessly and there in no disconnect at any level that can delay sourcing and final delivery.
We are well equipped to address all challenges including cost and price pressures, globalization of the supply base, overcapacity, diversification and operational complexity.

We have the ability to keep up with changing customer needs and can change manufacturing methods and processes instantly .By leveraging our resources and skills, you can be assured of highest product quality at all times.

As our outsourcing partner, you will benefit from increased performance in the form of shorter lead times and reduction in the landed cost.


We have an excellent combination of skills, resources and facility and labor working 18 hours (2-3 shifts as per requirement ) in a day to ensure all order are fulfilled and delivered within time and available cost. We are also willing to run the extra mile to manufacture designs for quick samplings for your customers. We have collaborated with the best players in the industry for the export, import and shipment of products for ontime and undamaged delivery.


  • We have ready stock of variety of raw material
  • Experienced engineering personnel
  • Easy reach to resources

Going beyond its reputation of being an IT outsourcing destination, India is fast emerging as the destination of choice for manufacturing requirements. As a democratic country, India is a land of opportunity for manufacturers willing to do their homework to identify previously undiscovered avenues for growth.

  • Cheap Labour cost and Duty Free Raw Materials
  • Strong IT and higher technical skills credentials
  • 24x7x365 helpdesk
  • Skills to manufacture advanced components
  • Access to world-class capabilities
  • English and other languages speaking professionals
  • Strong government policies that encourage investment

The presence of a large labour pool, lower cost, friendly government policies, infrastructure, investment, and expertise, has put India on the global map for contract manufacturing outsourcing.
We at BLA ETECH offer the best of all advantages complimented with friendly-customer services and the ability to adapt to your requirements in minimum time so that you focus on doing what you do best – take your business to the next level.


According to customers' requirements, we can design our products to meet the following safety standards:

  • UL 1283 (Fifth Edition)
  • CSA C22.2 No 0- M91
  • CSA C22.2 No. 0.4 -04
  • CSA C22.2 No. 8-M1986
  • ISO Quality Standard 9001:2008
Other safety standards you per customer requirements we can provide them also.
  • Test available for European emission and immunity regulations (CE Mark), MIL standard testing.
  • Other Approval tests in Third-party lab can be arranged any time with in local region and outside India too (by our Testing Partners).
  • Our experienced engineering staff, will work closely with your design and manufacturing team, to provide rapid and cost-effective solutions meeting the most stringent EMI requirements.
  • We will work closely with your organization to help improve the final design and performance of your products, as well as increase your manufacturing and operational efficiency.
  • BLA ETECH has instituted a variety of programs designed to maximize these opportunities.
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