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DC filter

A DC filter is also an enhanced performance generating filter for being used for the unique application requirements, for the range of areas including the servers, modems, wireless cabinets, Ethernet hubs, base stations, repeater stations, along with the network routing equipment and also the power supplies for all kinds of the communications equipment.

Like other filters, the basic need here of DC filter is for managing all kinds of the noisy and unbalanced loads and also to avoid the mechanical humming from the mains transformer, which has been produced by a DC component. It is put in between the mains grid and primary windings of the transformer.

In the unmanaged loads of the mains, like in the devices of the industrial machinery, the DC component cause humming. DC filter will be used for removing this component and also to vanish all kind of the electrical noise that certainly keep your transformer quiet.

It also has so many variations known as the high frequency, high current, medium and multiple stages and also data transmission signal line filters.

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Three Phase, Dual Stage, Very High Performance, Inverter purpose (7to 2300 A)

Three Phase, Dual Stage, Very High Performance, Inverter purpose (7to 250 A)

Three Phase, Dual Stage, Very High Performance (4 to 50 A)

Three Phase, Single Stage, Good Performance, Motor Drive purpose (7 to 180 A)

Three Phase, Dual Stage, Good Performance, High Voltage purpose (7 to 180 A)

Three Phase, Single Stage, Very High Performance, Inverter Application (08 to 280 A)

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