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FN 3280 Series Power Line Filters

It is a compact and light weight filer design with a simple installation. It has the nice accessibility for both the automated and hand tools. The solid and safe terminal blocks, leads to enough contacting cross section, which is so basic to use in Industrial applications. Moreover, it offers the best attenuation performance as needed by multiple machine equipments.

With a cubic shape design, FN 3280 filter requires less mounting space and thus used in range of applications. It is compatible with the machines in both mixed and domestic conditions, or in precise, it is optimized for both classes A/B.

Application Areas-

  • The main areas of interest are industrial equipment, machine tools and the diverse processes involving the automation systems.
  • FN 3280 filter is also one of the popular choice for the noisy power supplies, high power office equipment and renewable energy applications because of the high attenuation performance.
  • It is also used for the medical devices, because of the low leakage current, as compared to other brands and versions.

The preventive measures to surpass the effect of the RMI or EFI, is the RFI Filter. This device is capable of suppressing the effect of RFI emissions on any power line, but not suppresses the same in the free space. These filters can also be affixed with the other devices to reduce the level of EMI/RFI output within them.

BLA ETECH is a big name as the filter manufacturing and Supply Company in Delhi. It offers the range of Standard & Customized EMI FILTERS with the international certifications like ISO and CSA. We are the reliable name in giving the utmost customer satisfaction.

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  • FN Series Filters
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    Three Phase, Dual Stage, Very High Performance, Inverter purpose (7to 2300 A)

    Three Phase, Dual Stage, Very High Performance, Inverter purpose (7to 250 A)

    Three Phase, Dual Stage, Very High Performance (4 to 50 A)

    Three Phase, Single Stage, Good Performance, Motor Drive purpose (7 to 180 A)

    Three Phase, Dual Stage, Good Performance, High Voltage purpose (7 to 180 A)

    Three Phase, Single Stage, Very High Performance, Inverter Application (08 to 280 A)

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